This week we had an anatomy scan for our new baby boy. The ultrasound was mostly very positive, but the doctor did find that one concerning complication with the baby’s umbilical cord. Normally, the cord should have 3 blood vessels bringing blood to and from the baby. His cord, however, only has 2 blood vessels. This happens in about 1% of pregnancies and can be a sign of serious problems in the heart or kidneys. He is measuring right on size and they were able to see the chambers of the heart clearly. The doctor did not think it was necessary to go to specialist and recommends that we wait and have ultrasounds often to monitor baby’s size. They predict that I will need to deliver early as this happens in many cases of Single Umbilical Artery.

Please be in prayer for our baby boy! We believe that God can heal the cord and provide all of the nourishment that he needs! Also, be in prayer for our insurance as we move states and there might be a lapse in coverage while we get things transferred.

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