What I’ve learned in 2013


I can’t believe I’m already looking back at 2013 and on the brink of a brand new year. Everyone always told me that life would start to fly by once I had kids and they were right! It’s such a good moment to take a pause and look back at what God has done over the last year as we get ready to open ourselves up to what He will do in 2014. These are a few of the things I’ve learned this year:

  1. How to function with 3 kids
    Now I won’t say we are like a well-oiled machine. More often than not, there are dishes in the sink and one of our kids always seems to need their hair combed, but we have been doing this 3-kid thing for 7 months and we still have some of our sanity! It’s been tiring, taxing and at moments definitely overwhelming, but worth every late night and fight broken up. These boys really are such incredible gifts from God!
  2. Productivity is not Value
    This year I’ve had quite a few issues with my back and hips and have had (too) many days of being stuck on the couch. As a go-go-go doer-type, these days of laying unable to do anything have been beyond frustrating. I felt like I was completely without value to my family and to God because I couldn’t “do” anything. God has really been challenging me to re-define where I find my value. Am I more valuable to Him on a day where I do dishes, laundry and mop than on a day where I am bed-ridden? He is slowly teaching me that my value to Him is never dependant on “doing.” What a relief to know that God’s ways are different!Please continue to pray for my body as I struggle with sciatica pain and have yet to find a solution.
  3. Slow down and enjoy
    This year for Christmas, we purposefully didn’t schedule every night of the week with activities. We said no to some invites, we didn’t “do” everything we’ve done in the past and in turn we had the most refreshing, relaxing Christmas I can remember. We had so many special moments cuddling with our boys on the couch watching Christmas movies or playing late-night family games. These boys are growing up so quickly and we are trying to soak up every minute with them at this adorable stage.
  4. God gave me 3 sons
    I won’t deny that I really, really wanted a girl this last pregnancy. I really thought I was having a girl until that day when the ultrasound tech said, “It’s a boy.” I had my moments of tears and a little grieving as I gave up my ideas of dresses and headbands and disney princess movies and cooking with my daughter. However, through this last year, my boys have become such a delight to me. There’s nothing in the world like having your little boy tell you that you are his favorite girl in the world.I told Zander (5) one night, “Someday you’ll meet a girl and you’ll love her very much and things will change.” To which he replied, “No, Mom, I’ll always love you the very most!” Pax (2) has become my little chef and cooks with me almost every single day. He loves helping me chop and stir and asks so many questions I think he’ll be cooking dinner on his own soon! We even all sat down and watched “The Little Mermaid” together – one of my favorite Disney movies! Their favorite parts had to do with Sebastian getting chased by the chef and the sea witch getting stabbed, but, hey, I’ll take what I can get. I’ve learned so many times over and over this year that God gave me these 3 boys – and that I’m the Mama He chose for them.
  5. God ALWAYS takes care of us!
    I feel like I have to re-learn this lesson every year! Support raising is one of the most challenging life stages we’ve ever been in. Asking for money is awkward. Not knowing exactly how much money is going to come in is unsteadying. There are moments where we have said, “I’m not quite sure how we are going to pay for X.” And yet, God is faithful. He surprises us with is provision – it comes in the strangest and most amazing ways. But it comes. I’m sure this is a lesson that I will need to re-learn continually, but hopefully someday I will get it – God ALWAYS takes care of His children!

I can’t wait to see what God does in our family and in yours in 2014!

What has God taught you in 2013?

Share some of your wisdom in the comments!

paige staton

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  1. God has shown me what amazing kids we have, both born and inherited! We are so blessed to have all 4 of you serving the Lord, becoming wonderful parents, and successful in your careers and families. We couldn’t have asked for anything more as parents. I’m looking forward to growing grandchildren, growing in the Lord, and doing what ever He has for our future.
    I too thought a girl would be wonderful, but once I had two boys, I was content and always felt so much love from them both. Now that they are grown, I have two terrific daughters that others raised for us to share. I am so blessed, and can’t wait for 2014 to see what God has for our family!
    Love all the thought you put into “What I’ve learned in 2013”! You are a gift Paige, and I love you all!

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