It seems like only yesterday that Paige and I stepped onto the college campus and began a life that was independent from our parents, siblings and childhood friends.  Life was full of questions. For the first time decisions had to be made on our own.  What is truth? Why do we exist? What is our purpose?  Who do we want to become?  Thankfully, during this time of our life, we had great spiritual mentors to guide us through these questions.

A decade later, we now have the opportunity to mentor students on the university campus as they ask these same questions. Our goal as campus missionaries is to walk through life with students and help them ask questions about their faith and form the foundations of a future built on God’s truths. We are currently raising support to be full-time directors on the NC State campus in Raleigh, NC.

– Tyler, Paige, Zander (10), Pax (7), Beckett (5) and Dash (2)