We’ve gotten lots of questions from people as we go on this journey – maybe you’ve wondered some of these same things…

1. Why do you have to raise support?

Assemblies of God missionaries are not allowed to begin their mission until they have assembled a team of churches and individuals willing to fund their ministry.

All of our living and ministry expenses will come from our supporters. This system creates an atmosphere where we are accountable both to the A/G and to our donors and builds a support system of those who wish to partner with us in ministry.

All of your tax deductible funds are routed through Assemblies of God US Missions to provide financial oversight.

2. What Does a Campus Missionary do?

The job of a campus missionary is about…

REACHING those who don’t know Christ by engaging students in relationship and becoming part of the campus community

BUILDING a foundation of discipleship for those who do know Christ. Every student who has started a relationship with Christ should be able to study the scriptures for themselves and be able to apply it to their lives.

SENDING Christ followers to go into all the world to share the gospel message and create other disciples of Christ.

3. Do you receive income from the university or from the Assemblies of God?

No, full-time missionaries receive all of their income from their supporters – all living and ministry expenses will come people just like you!

4. Why can’t you just get a job and do ministry in your spare time?

We believe that God has put a full-time calling on us to ministry on the university campus. We believe that we will be most effective in ministry if we can dedicate our full attention to the students and campus. While we appreciate those who are bi-vocational, we believe that God is going to provide a way for Chi Alpha to be our full time “job”.

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